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Shape Web Designs Website Development Web Design Grand Haven Shape Web Designs does not just cover web development because designing a great looking site is not where our service ends…it’s where our service begins. We believe in going the “extra mile” for our customers. Our company philosophy is based on creating and sustaining repeat, long-term customers, not relying on initial volumes. To this end, it is our goal to ensure that our customers are truly happy — not just marginally satisfied.Many web development companies, are driven by how many websites that they can put out in one month. They make their money and rely upon mass-producing websites, which comes at a price. Unfortunately, the client pays that price in marginal customer service, support, and ultimately a website that although may serve its purpose, is not terribly original or reflective of a specific customer’s needs and goals. Shape Web Designs is different. We’re not worried about how many websites we can do in one month. Our focus is making sure all of our customers are 100% satisfied every minute — every month –every year. That’s the foundation of our company.We work closely with our customers, guiding them through the development and management of their site for as long as they need us.website1 Our team of talented programmers, designers and editors span the globe to ensure you receive the newest and most efficient technology. Even though we may be in different parts of the world, or in the same town, we work closely with one another to meet our goal: making sure our customers stay happy at all times.We know it’s not enough for our service and product to be good. It needs to be great! We continually deliver to you our undivided attention and exceptional customer support, which is why we’re quickly becoming the company that’s taking the design world by storm.


Shape Web Designs is composed of a team of talented programmers, designers, and editors. Some of our people actually live in Florida and Arkansas while others live here in Grand Haven. The reason we decided to branch out, utilizing expertise not limited to geographic locations, was mainly because we wanted people who are willing to work for the customer and not just for themselves. We wanted people who are willing to do what is needed to complete an exceptional job as fast as possible. Even though we may come from different parts of Grand Haven, the country or the world, we work closely with one another to meet our goal – which is to make sure our customers stay happy at all times.The members of our team have a great deal of experience and have worked with other web development companies. We know what works and what doesn’t. Each member of the Shape Web Designs Team is devoted to creating the best product for each individual customer. We never forget that ultimately it is the customer that is paying for our service, and it is our dedication to each customer that keeps Shape Web Designs ahead of the curve.


Shape Web Designs Website Development Web Design Grand Haven Robert Woonacott A native of Grand Haven, Michigan, Robert Woonacott graduated from Fremont High School in 1984, and returned to Grand Haven to pursue is passion for photography. In just a few short year, he expanded his photographic repertoire breaking into digital graphics, and now Robert has 17 years experience of photography skills and photo editing. Working with numerous freelance photographers and advertising companies worldwide, Robert’s ability to manipulate photos became a recognizable trademark. That trademark launched his career working with web developers to create graphics and photo renderings that captured the attention of companies such as ILM and DreamWorks.


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