Beware! They Are Scams!

In the past year I have seen my fair share of scams from friends and from people on Facebook, you read about them you hear about them but you think that it can never happen to you. Really people sometimes all it takes is common sense and this is a very important message here! So please Share this with everyone you can and please repost it everywhere.
The internet is filled with all sorts of different scams and people are drawn into these scams by different reasons that maybe are good reasons but in the end you need to really do your homework before jumping into something that you have no real idea if it is real and legit, and this is where you can lose thousands of dollars of money and not to mention your dignity.
Craigslist Inc.
Everyone has searched Craigslist from time to time looking for great deals or if you have something to sell it is pretty easy to find people there on both sides of the fence. I want to make something perfectly clear to you guys! Craigslist is not responsible for any scams, and they make that perfectly clear while signing up for an account. They do however tell you to beware of SCAMS! Most people however tend to ignore warnings and most of the time those are the ones that will get screwed over the worst.
Not long ago I had a friend who was looking for concert tickets for a show that was up and coming. The cost of the tickets were around $200.00 for each ticket and my friend wanted to save money and someone told him to check on Craigslist which he did and found a great deal that someone was selling their tickets because they had a death in the family. My friend who wanted to take his wife to see this person in concert found that person that was selling the tickets, and started communicating with the person on the other end, this person had a name, and a cell phone and so on. Now after a brief talk they settled on the price of the three tickets and my friend was instructed to send a MoneyGram to a location in New York in which he went to Walmart purchased the MoneyGram wire transfer and sat back and waited for his tickets. One hour passed and he talked to the guy on the phone and he stated that his wife had not made it back from Walmart, another hour passed and my friend called again, but this time the call went to voice mail and he became unresponsive. Of course my friend was getting worried and for good reason, he just sent almost $450.00 to a perfectly good stranger and there was nothing he could do but just wait.
Long story short, my friend never got his tickets to take his wife to the concert and this is where the story gets even better. He called the police, he knew the Walmart where the people went to get their wire transfer and there was nothing they could do. My friend called the guy a number of times, only to find out that he would not return his phone calls. My friend then used a different phone, called and made contact with him, and the guy on the other end, “I don’t know who you are or what you are talking about” Yeah it was a scam and my friend fell for it!
Let us back up a moment and let me see if we can pick out the warning signs. First red flag: The concert was in Michigan, why would a person from New York buy Michigan Tickets? Second red flag: Sent the guy a wire transfer with MoneyGram or it could have been Western Union! These two things should have told my friend that this was a scam but again how would he have really known, it seemed legit but if he would have seen the red flags he wouldn’t be out any of his hard earned money.
Note: Anytime someone ask you to send them money via Money Gram or Western Union know this, you will not get your money back and it doesn’t matter how much you argue with them, you should have read the fine print. I recommend that way you have a chance to get your money back, because it is pretty secure and chances of getting scammed are little to none by something like this scam. If you think it won’t happen to you, then you have another thing coming.
Craigslist is one of the biggest playgrounds for scams, and they come in all types of shapes and sizes, and if you think for one second that it won’t happen to you that you are so ungodly great and smart, I am going to tell you, you are not any different than anyone else it can happen to anyone!

This goes for those mail order brides as well guys! I mean come on, every time I hear one of these stories I just want to laugh. It mostly happens to middle aged men just coming out of a marriage of many years and they want to feel young again so they start looking at dating sites, and they don’t look for women their own age, no in fact they are looking for women around the ages of 25 to 30. Alright then, let me ask you this, why would a 27 year old model want to shack up with a middle aged old man? Do you see how ridiculous that sounds?
Let me lay out the story: You meet a young girl online, you and her talk and she starts to show you images of herself, and they you start to get naked photos, you talk and talk and she says to you, “I love you so much and want to be with you so much” and you being a middle aged man, you start to dream of her hot body next to yours and then she says, “I want to be with you, I want to come to the USA and marry you” so you start to tell her that you might be able to help her, and so you start looking at how much it would cost to fly her from Russia (or any other country) and you assure her that you are going to get her here, and then she says that she needs money for boarding cost, she needs her passport, and all along you are just pumping money out to her for this, and she keeps saying to you, “ I love you and cannot wait to be with you”, and like the dumbass you are, you send the money to her Western Union! The day comes when she is to get on the plane to you, and then you get this message.
“I got the money my love, but I have some bad news, my government will not let me come to the United States because of the security issues in my country, I bought my tickets and passport, but I cannot get a refund on these anymore, I don’t know what to do” guess what man! You just lost $4700.00 and she might stay in contact with you, and tell you that you need to pay even more money to get her to the United States, but after losing $4700.00 if you haven’t seen the writing on the walls then you are very stupid! It isn’t never going to happen!
Look people don’t be a fool and use your brain! Yes there are good things in the world and maybe you have gotten a great deal on Craigslist and maybe you have built a long lasting relationship with a fine young lady but you are the lucky ones. There are thousands upon thousands of scams every day!
Here are some tips:
When someone wants you to send money by wire transfer by Western Union or MoneyGram know this, once they have cashed in the money is gone and these companies will not refund your money PRIOD!
Use a secure way of sending the money to them, and that can be done by a few different ways. is a good way because they will do everything possible to get your money back if you have not received your products. If you are talking about thousands of dollars of product us a Escrow service because you hold the key to release the funds.
Escrow services work the best in my opinion because the person has to register, and they can see the money and see that the money is there. Once you have got what you bought then all you need to do is release the money and the seller has their money. Of course scammers will give you so many stories to as why they cannot use a secure service like this, and for good reason! IT’S A SCAM!
Protect yourself be smart and get more information from the seller. In case you are a seller I just wanted to get this out there as well. If you are a person who is the seller, and you have someone call your or inquire about what you are selling and they want to send someone to look at it, or they come to see you and want to write you a check, pull away as soon as possible. ONLY take cash! People have been known to give fake MoneyGrams and Western Union Checks.
Rule of thumb! Be smart guys! Use your head and think with your head!

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