Really getting the most of Online Marketing

We all know this for sure: online marketing cost is no joke. Companies invest a lot on online marketing? mainly because it is effective in more ways than one. It leads to better and faster return of investment, enhances the company’s overall image, and increases customer base in virtually no time.

Why Online Marketing Is Important

If you own an online business, you are surely aware that you are operating in a world which is highly competitive and global in nature. The Internet is notorious for being able to break down all forms of geographical barriers, and has enabled small to medium sized companies to effectively compete with the much larger corporations which exist today. One thing all successful online businesses have in common is the fact that they have employed effective marketing strategies (yes, they had online marketing costs to take care of). To succeed in the online world, you cannot only come up with a website and expect users to find you on their own. You need to invest in online marketing for them to find you.

Small Business Websites

Can your small business get a POWERFUL web presence on a TINY budget?
By partnering with Shape Web Designs – custom web design solutions for your small business.

Not every business has the marketing bucks for a full-blown, custom-designed website with all the bells and whistles. But without an impressive and professional web presence, your business runs the risk of creating a poor brand image and negatively affecting your bottom line.

So what’s the solution?
Small businesses need an affordable, yet highly effective web design and online branding solution, so we set about creating a package that would give small businesses a powerful online brand and hit their marketing goals like a ton of bricks.

Take a look:

  • Follow up consulting to discuss online sales strategies, SEO and conversion goals.
  • Full custom design of your homepage and subpages
  • Conversion form design
  • Design of up to 5 pages (with additional pages priced at only $1500 each)
  • Installation of Google Analytics
  • Deployment of your fully validated Search Engine Friendly SEO
  • Hosting for 1 year, and $90.00 per-month after
  • Testing in IE, Firefox and Safari.
  • Social Network Marketing for first six months.

Benefits from Online Marketing

Online marketing is aimed towards maximizing website visibility and higher search engine rankings in order to get higher conversion rates. If all these three can happen to a website, there will be a greater number of users who can become real customers or buyers. If there is a high amount of targeted traffic, so will there be higher conversion rates and a more profitable online business. In short, the online marketing cost you invest in allows you many-fold benefits with increased website ROI. Each dime you spend on online marketing cost will be worth it?assuming, of course, that you have chosen the right online marketing firm to partner with.
As a business or site owner, you will surely want to get the most out of the online marketing cost you pay for and enjoy the full benefits that marketing provides. How can this be possible? How can you make sure that the cost you pay for online marketing will all be worth it in the end?
Well, you have to note that all your decisions when it comes to online marketing will affect the outcome of your campaign. Here are some guidelines to help you make the right choices.

Why Choose Us

There are not a good number of marketing firms offering advertising services. Each firm offers their services at varying online marketing cost packages. Because there are more firms now competing for your attention, online marketing costs have become relatively more manageable than before. You can actually use this to your advantage by choosing one which can provide you with the best service with the least cost. Remember though that the cost should never be your sole basis for choosing an online marketing firm. Here are some aspects that you should look into for you to select the best Internet marketing firm:
The Attitude. Remember that online marketing is a collaborative work. You work as a team, so you should like working as a team. More importantly, marketing is a tedious process which will take time. This means that you should be able to establish a good professional working relationship with your advertising firm. You should examine whether the firm actually understands your needs and knows the solutions for it. You should sense their attitude to the type of work you are doing with them. If they do not seem excited, then you might be better off paying someone else.
The Level of Communication. Communication is very important in online marketing. If you want the online marketing cost you are paying for to actually yield good results, you will need a good communication channel with the firm. You should have great chemistry, teamwork, and open communication lines. It is important that they understand your needs and they explain how they wish to proceed. They should also consult you with all of the strategies they think is best for your business.
The Current Reputation. As in choosing advertising agencies, it is very important to look at the reputation of a marketing firm. You should find one that has proven itself to have a good track record with a good number of very satisfied customers. You can look through their portfolio, but it may be better to contact past clients and ask them first-hand about their experience. You should ask whether the firm was easy to work with and had delivered the agreed-upon output at the set deadline.

SEO & Marketing Packages

When you are choosing a price for your online marketing plan you want to choose the package that is going to be right for you. You have to know your product or service and that can make your choose what is right for you, and gives you the uppoer hand to any other company you could hire.



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