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Your Mobile APP

A mobile App is one thing which can add leaps and bounds to your profit as anyone who have an iphone or an any Smartphone can reach you through your App. Mobile Apps for your business is beneficial in many ways as it increases the visibility of your business and if that business is food business i.e. a restaurant then you can get a platform to portray your specialties and uniqueness to millions of people. Now let’s see how you can increase your profits through mobile app Development for your restaurant:


Online order through your mobile App: You can keep an option through which people can order menu items online, so just upload your menu of your mouth watering dishes with attractive pics .It saves a customer’s time so, people will love to scroll through different screens of your App.

Referrals through social media: After Iphone app development for your restaurant you can make your business famous as you can put an option of social media referrals by your app users in few simple steps. The mouth of word of a friend always makes a person to visit the place for at least once.

Mobile Reservations: There is always a waiting list in your restaurant! Add a feature of mobile reservation during mobile App development phase, to make your customers more comfortable in reaching your restaurant. Also, it will be easier to keep a record of customers coming in a day.

Newsletter signups and push notifications: these are two very good ways to interact with your customers as through newsletters and push notifications you can notify your customers about upcoming special events and like crazy Fridays, back to work Mondays etc. It helps you increase your sale considerably.

Bring in some rewards: Let’s try and give out some rewards, make them simple but tempting, like Garlic bread free with a large size Pizza or get 5% off on ordering 5 large pizzas. By investing little on rewards time to time you can keep your all tables reserved and busy and that’s how a famous and high earning restaurant looks like.

Listen to Robert Woonacott talk to you about what an mobile app can do for you in your area of business.

Who You Going To Trust

I have always been a very practical kind of guy and I can be at times very stubborn when it comes to the very growing technology and with that I always have a very strong opinion. I am like many people, I don’t like change and if there is going to be something that is going to change in our tech world it had better be a good one.

I have many clients, friends, and family members who come to me for a reason many times asking my opinion on different products and what I really think about them, anywhere from phones, tablets, computer systems and of course operating systems. The question is how much do they really depend on me for these answers.

Everyone has their own computer guy someone they trust and won’t trust anyone else so to all the computer guys out there in the world are you really giving solid advice to you people or maybe are you only using your own skill and opinions to guide them and yes this has a meaning tucked in here and I think we all need to learn from this.

I want to talk mainly about computers in this article and focus on what we suggest for our people who come to us looking for advice. I personally have always tried to be soft and don’t get really technical around my clients, they are looking for simple answers to their questions and also don’t understand half the time what we are talking about. I cannot tell you how many times I have sat in the background and have listen to store clerks or the Geeks trying to explain to people about Gigabits and ram, listen most people don’t understand that stuff and really it’s a waste of time explaining it to them because they will forget everything you say as soon as they leave, so really honestly guys stop, give them the information they only need and need to hear, and stop trying to make yourself look like you are the smartest person in the world.

When someone ask us for advice about a system or maybe an anti-virus program I can tell you this is the area that really bothers me the most because everyone of us “computer guys” have our own opinion on everything, and it seems that the older guys they use the old school tactics and the younger guys are all about spending money on the latest and greatest that sometimes has nothing to do with anything, and this is where we all need to come together and “KISS” Keep It Simple Stupid! Really guys how many of you have really ever just gave your clients just what they need instead of what you need. What I mean by this is do you really need to install things on their computer that they will never need, just because you want to show them you are all mighty the tech god. Let’s face it guys we need to stop being this way and give the people what they really need.

In the past 4 weeks I have been testing Windows 10 and I need to say this once again, I am a person that doesn’t like change and I don’t want to waste time on installing an operations system that is going to fail like Windows 8 failed. I knew the second I saw that on a computer in a store that it was going to cause a ton of issues and that is why I never ever upgraded my computer from Windows 7 to 8 it was pointless, so in the past 4 weeks I tested 10 and to me it is like 7 just looks different and things have been moved around and there is a learning curve, and I can tell you right now I don’t care what other “COMPUTER GUYS” are saying, they are giving their clients wrong information, period! I am speaking for myself but I can tell you this, if your computer guy is telling you not to upgrade it is because he/she has not at all even tried it and fully tested it, most of these guys are going by what they are reading and what they are reading is guys complaints to people who haven’t even tried it out. The only reason why these guys are complaining is because like me they don’t like change and they don’t like having to go and find things that they knew right where they were before but now they have been moved and they are so uptight they don’t want to take a few moments to look for it. (Shakes head) Really Guys?

This summer I met this young man who I had really become fond of and it is because he is really great with computers, and one day while we were having a discussion about computers, he had mentioned to me that he has never used anti-virus software on his computer. I was very impressed with his attitude but really was sort of put in my place by this young man who wasn’t even 18 yet. I come from the old school and here I am talking to everyone here and yet I am guilty of the same kind of thing sometimes like we all are. The reason why he doesn’t need it is because he knows what to look for, and you know what so do we, but needless to say most of our clients have no clue what to look for, so that is why they rely on us for information, and the question is what are we really doing to protect our clients and are we educating them correctly.

I have am not perfect nor do I claim to be perfect I do however have strong opinions when it comes to things like this. I know this one guy who I worked with and he was a business owner and was really pretty good with computers, what I saw with this guy was him always trying to make his computer faster and better and would spend countless hours working on it, which meant it he never really used his computer for his work, not saying he never but I am saying he was always working on it trying software to speed up his computer, and one of those programs he called it is system suite and he spent so much money on this program and for what? That program was just one of these computer cleaning programs that really he never really needed if he would have taken the time to learn about how to clean his computer up on his own.

Most clients only need the basics, they don’t need crap on their computers and if you are going to sell a computer to a customer ask them what they are using it for instead of always trying to sell them something they would not need. You can ask simple questions that will tell you what they really need, so if you have a Grandmother that is coming in and all she wants to do with her computer is see her Grandchildren on Facebook the question is does she really need a computer to do this? If it was me I would tell her, well I don’t think you need a computer my opinion is I think you would be more comfortable with a tablet. It doesn’t matter guys, she is still going to need the same properties, Internet and a wireless modem. Why would I tell her that is all she needed, you may ask, it’s because all she wants to do is see her Grandkids period, and it also gives her the ability to share with her friends because she can carry it with her.

Let’s just think about it guys we are out here to help and yes we all need to make a living. What we don’t need to do is make life complicated for our clients. You make it easy for them so they don’t have to worry and if something goes wrong they can contact us. Really that is all we really need is to give them what they need not what we need.




Cloud Storage It’s Here To Stay

In the business world things are starting to change and when we say change it is how everything is going to the cloud and for most cooperate companies this is new and there isn’t a lot of trust. As a business owner you want your information in your hands and not loaded up on some server somewhere where if something should happen you cannot get access to your important files, truth is you are much more safer having your information someplace else and for very good reasons.


Many business men/woman are now starting to work from home more often than you might think so having access to those files make it easy not only to do just that, but also gives you access to your files anywhere in the world. I am sure you can remember getting someplace long ago and finding out you didn’t have that file you needed, and you were just out of luck, regardless of how you feel today putting your files in the cloud is pretty safe these days and many lawyers are starting to use this method. We have also seen less and less need for in house servers which today is nothing short of a waste of money and time.

Affordable Space

When it comes to space you cannot go wrong with some cloud storage companies, unless you are saving large files like images which can take up large amounts of space, you need to think about what you are really saving, and documents don’t use that much space, so really you can manage thousands of documents without having to use that much space. We looked at a few possible cloud storage companies and you can get a terabyte for around $9.00 a month, and with that much space you can save thousands of documents that can be available all over the world.

Not long ago a client asked us, how secure are these cloud storage companies, and honestly we found that places like Google and Dropbox, have really great built in systems, however there is a little bit of security issue that will need to be address if it comes to the thief of your computer, and that is why we tell our clients to always passcode your computers for security reasons. Personally we still feel that having an open file on our computer that can be accessed without a password can result is data loss, so it is just as important to make sure you train yourself and your employee’s security training.


Cloud storage is here guys and it is not going anywhere. Matter of fact there is going to be a point when you won’t have to worry about updating your operating system because the future is going to control your computer from the cloud. All your programs/Apps will be in the cloud and operate from the cloud, which will not only cut down on the amount of drive space if there is any drives at all. We also predict at some point our phones will break way to even newer technology, in which at some point computers will just become more of a way of life right in the palm of our hands. Yes most of you are not liking this, and for good reason because how private can our computers be at that point and who will have access to those files other then you, the government, local law enforcement, or even your own competition.

We are a long ways from being 100% dependent on Cloud Storage, but it really isn’t that far away.

Window 10 update or upset

In the past week I have been working with the New Window 10 and at first glance many people that I have talked to still don’t like what they are seeing but again I also have been listening to people talk about how much slow their system seems to be. I first installed 10 and at first it really seemed that everything was very slow starting up or had a few issues with the home screen refreshing over and over again, and what I found out that in the first few days you need to let Windows ten complete installing and that means many updates and fixes that need to be done before you really start to use the system.

There are some features that I do like and some that we can do without and in my own opinion I really wish Microsoft would just have kept to their old ways things were done and set aside this tablet fetish they have suddenly. Tablets are just what they are and nothing more and in my our again and this is my opinion I just feel that we are not ready for all these changes and in the work field people don’t have time to learn new tricks or go searching for where things use to be. For the past 15 years everything is about in the same place and this time MS sets out to change the location and I think that is what is really pissing off many business people, again we don’t have the time to learn new things, but again when will we be ready.

When I first installed 10 I did at first notice some speed issues, but after I started with a few updates and started loading all my programs they all seemed to start a bit faster after a while, I think this mainly has to so with the system adjusting to these programs to make them load faster or better. I don’t really know if 10 has something to do with that but I do know the more I use 10 the faster it becomes, in some cases.

Everyone talked about apps as a problem, well guys apps are apps and I see it that way only. I cannot tell you how much time I have spent reading people’s post and there is one thing for sure you need to get into your heads, Apps are new for window and if you have a windows phone you would understand, that is just like people with Iphone’s and the Mac world, everything works the same so that is why I have been telling people they really need to stop thinking of these apps like they are for your computer, and yes they work on your computer but you don’t need to install a Facebook app is you normally use your dang browser,  so let’s put the app thing to rest for a while and if you are using windows just use it the way you use to use it and stop complaining of changes you don’t know how to use just yet.


I will keep you updated on the progress of this new system and let you know what I find down the road. As for right now everything seems to be running smooth and in 28 days I am either keeping it or going back to 7 when I know I feel safe.

New Monthly Maintenance Package


Being in business is hard enough and sometimes you just need a little help to keep things running smooth and that is why Shape Web Designs is now offering at NO limited time a monthly maintenance package. You pay $25.00 per-month and we will come in and do the following.

What You Get:

  • Monthly PC Cleanup and speed up
  • Virus and Spyware check
  • Disk Error check and Defragmentation
  • Windows updates
  • Hardware Diagnostics for failing devices
  • We will setup and maintain your backup system in case of hard drive crash.
  • Clean computer free from dust and air blow fans free from dust.

Cost per-computer is $25.00

This is a monthly computer maintenance!

Knowing Your IT Person!

itsupportIn the past year I have seen a lot of things that just seem to really get to me and that is how many companies out there put their trust into IT professionals and although many of these guys are great people and have the best interest of their clients in mind, they still seem to cost their clients more and more as time goes by.

If you are a small company and you are looking for an IT professional there are a few things you must know before shopping around. Most companies tend to think old school and that is not at all a bad thing as of matter of fact in most situations it is better because these guys have been around for a long time and they know their stuff, but at the same time even they tend lack in today’s technology new trends and that means they tend to stay with the services they trust.

Shape Web Designs in the past 4 years has seen a lot of changes in the way we offer IT work to our clients and are trying to keep up with the times, and technology, and when we have a client that calls us up for help our first goal is to provide them with the practical solution and affordable solutions. Did you know that there are some IT professionals that will not even think about your needs, in fact most of them just want you to spend as much money as they can get out of you, and really that is not their fault that is how they are trained. You can still shop around when looking for a good IT person to help you with your office needs, and that is why it is important to find someone that is all about the customer and not the money.

If you are just starting up and want to know what your company needs in the way of computers and setting up your office network, your IT specialist will have many different plans that can help you and keep your company up and running for a long time to come, but be aware that if you feel they are trying to sell you equipment you might not need ask them why there is need, and make them explain it to you, and if you are still unsure, you picked the wrong IT company to help you with your needs. There should never be any questions.

“Do I need a Server”? The answer to that question is very simple, and that really depends on how large your company is and what you would need a server for. In house servers are very costly and I can pretty much tell you that, if your company has less than a few people, chances are you won’t need that server at all, but again there are some IT professionals that will tell you differently. What are in house servers, and do you need them here is a great article to answer that question. Do You Replace Your Server Or Go To The Cloud? The Answer May Surprise You

I have shared my views and thoughts about your IT professional, and please don’t take this wrong there are a lot of good people out there, but you need to really focus on saving money and not getting talked into anything you don’t need. Most if not all IT persons are very knowledgeable, but if you feel you are being taken then most like chances are you are.

Online Computer Repairs

Grand Haven Computer Repair - Shape Web DesignsMany people who have computers are home all seem to have their own people that will work on their computers when they need a little TLC, and everyone who has their own Computer Guy that knows everything to keep your computer running healthy and strong. In the real world we are all left with this complete belief that if the computer isn’t doing what I want it to do I have a virus or malware that is affecting the performance of the computer.
I have covered what I thought was the best antivirus programs that I thought worked for me and has worked for my clients. Your computer guy is someone you should trust because he is going to lead you down the right road and take care of your computer like if it was his own and if it was their own you can be sure that he/she isn’t going to have problems so in a way you might want to listen and follow their advice at all times and for the love of God, just because your teenager might know more about computers then you do, don’t trust what they say is safe because 99% of the time they are wrong.
Shape Web Designs we are just not a Web Development company we do a whole lot more than that, we are a full service company that can handle any task, which includes our computer tune up system that is sure to make you smile and save you money every time. Let me explain about how we do this.
The first step is for you to contact us of course and we will setup an appointment with you, and pick a time of day when you can be available. Once we have this time set we will then contact you by phone and have you follow our direction and we will remote connect to your computer, and believe me people this is safe and secure. We use a special program that uses a code to connect to your computer, and once we have connected you can pretty much walk about as your tech will look over your computer and find the issues that need to be fixed. It is like us having you bring in the computer for repairs, but we do it at your home and cost is much lower than a house call.
Here is what we will do:
• Inspect your operating system and see if you are up to date on all your computer updates.
• Inspect your anti-virus software and see if it is up to date and working properly
• Inspect how much ram you have on your system and see if it is enough for what you are doing.
• Inspect your drive space on your hard drive to see of you have enough space.
• We then will inspect your browser settings and look for tool bars that you don’t need and start removing software that is not used or has been installed on your computer by mistake.

Grand Haven Computer Repair - Shape Web DesignsOnce we have ran these checks then we will tell you what we recommend and then ask what direction you want to take. Most of the time our clients will just tell us do what is necessary. We then will make recommendations to how to save your files, such as documents and photos. Most people don’t want to lose their photos and there are secure and affordable ways to back up your priceless photos without having to worry. This also goes with your documents.
The total time to tune up your computer depends of the amount of work that you want us to perform. We do recommend that you follow your advice and let us do what we do best, and it would really benefit you to sit and watch us work and learn how we do what we do so that in the future you can do what we do. Not everyone has time to do this, but that is why we are here for you.
Next time you want to have your computer worked on stay at home let us take control and work out the bugs. This online tune up with save you money and will allow us to give you the best service possible. There is just one more thing I want to add, if we are unable to fix your computer or your computer needs to be picked up or dropped off at a computer repair show we will refund your money back to you. That is why we are so trusted by our clients.


Beware! They Are Scams!

In the past year I have seen my fair share of scams from friends and from people on Facebook, you read about them you hear about them but you think that it can never happen to you. Really people sometimes all it takes is common sense and this is a very important message here! So please Share this with everyone you can and please repost it everywhere.
The internet is filled with all sorts of different scams and people are drawn into these scams by different reasons that maybe are good reasons but in the end you need to really do your homework before jumping into something that you have no real idea if it is real and legit, and this is where you can lose thousands of dollars of money and not to mention your dignity.
Craigslist Inc.
Everyone has searched Craigslist from time to time looking for great deals or if you have something to sell it is pretty easy to find people there on both sides of the fence. I want to make something perfectly clear to you guys! Craigslist is not responsible for any scams, and they make that perfectly clear while signing up for an account. They do however tell you to beware of SCAMS! Most people however tend to ignore warnings and most of the time those are the ones that will get screwed over the worst.
Not long ago I had a friend who was looking for concert tickets for a show that was up and coming. The cost of the tickets were around $200.00 for each ticket and my friend wanted to save money and someone told him to check on Craigslist which he did and found a great deal that someone was selling their tickets because they had a death in the family. My friend who wanted to take his wife to see this person in concert found that person that was selling the tickets, and started communicating with the person on the other end, this person had a name, and a cell phone and so on. Now after a brief talk they settled on the price of the three tickets and my friend was instructed to send a MoneyGram to a location in New York in which he went to Walmart purchased the MoneyGram wire transfer and sat back and waited for his tickets. One hour passed and he talked to the guy on the phone and he stated that his wife had not made it back from Walmart, another hour passed and my friend called again, but this time the call went to voice mail and he became unresponsive. Of course my friend was getting worried and for good reason, he just sent almost $450.00 to a perfectly good stranger and there was nothing he could do but just wait.
Long story short, my friend never got his tickets to take his wife to the concert and this is where the story gets even better. He called the police, he knew the Walmart where the people went to get their wire transfer and there was nothing they could do. My friend called the guy a number of times, only to find out that he would not return his phone calls. My friend then used a different phone, called and made contact with him, and the guy on the other end, “I don’t know who you are or what you are talking about” Yeah it was a scam and my friend fell for it!
Let us back up a moment and let me see if we can pick out the warning signs. First red flag: The concert was in Michigan, why would a person from New York buy Michigan Tickets? Second red flag: Sent the guy a wire transfer with MoneyGram or it could have been Western Union! These two things should have told my friend that this was a scam but again how would he have really known, it seemed legit but if he would have seen the red flags he wouldn’t be out any of his hard earned money.
Note: Anytime someone ask you to send them money via Money Gram or Western Union know this, you will not get your money back and it doesn’t matter how much you argue with them, you should have read the fine print. I recommend that way you have a chance to get your money back, because it is pretty secure and chances of getting scammed are little to none by something like this scam. If you think it won’t happen to you, then you have another thing coming.
Craigslist is one of the biggest playgrounds for scams, and they come in all types of shapes and sizes, and if you think for one second that it won’t happen to you that you are so ungodly great and smart, I am going to tell you, you are not any different than anyone else it can happen to anyone!

This goes for those mail order brides as well guys! I mean come on, every time I hear one of these stories I just want to laugh. It mostly happens to middle aged men just coming out of a marriage of many years and they want to feel young again so they start looking at dating sites, and they don’t look for women their own age, no in fact they are looking for women around the ages of 25 to 30. Alright then, let me ask you this, why would a 27 year old model want to shack up with a middle aged old man? Do you see how ridiculous that sounds?
Let me lay out the story: You meet a young girl online, you and her talk and she starts to show you images of herself, and they you start to get naked photos, you talk and talk and she says to you, “I love you so much and want to be with you so much” and you being a middle aged man, you start to dream of her hot body next to yours and then she says, “I want to be with you, I want to come to the USA and marry you” so you start to tell her that you might be able to help her, and so you start looking at how much it would cost to fly her from Russia (or any other country) and you assure her that you are going to get her here, and then she says that she needs money for boarding cost, she needs her passport, and all along you are just pumping money out to her for this, and she keeps saying to you, “ I love you and cannot wait to be with you”, and like the dumbass you are, you send the money to her Western Union! The day comes when she is to get on the plane to you, and then you get this message.
“I got the money my love, but I have some bad news, my government will not let me come to the United States because of the security issues in my country, I bought my tickets and passport, but I cannot get a refund on these anymore, I don’t know what to do” guess what man! You just lost $4700.00 and she might stay in contact with you, and tell you that you need to pay even more money to get her to the United States, but after losing $4700.00 if you haven’t seen the writing on the walls then you are very stupid! It isn’t never going to happen!
Look people don’t be a fool and use your brain! Yes there are good things in the world and maybe you have gotten a great deal on Craigslist and maybe you have built a long lasting relationship with a fine young lady but you are the lucky ones. There are thousands upon thousands of scams every day!
Here are some tips:
When someone wants you to send money by wire transfer by Western Union or MoneyGram know this, once they have cashed in the money is gone and these companies will not refund your money PRIOD!
Use a secure way of sending the money to them, and that can be done by a few different ways. is a good way because they will do everything possible to get your money back if you have not received your products. If you are talking about thousands of dollars of product us a Escrow service because you hold the key to release the funds.
Escrow services work the best in my opinion because the person has to register, and they can see the money and see that the money is there. Once you have got what you bought then all you need to do is release the money and the seller has their money. Of course scammers will give you so many stories to as why they cannot use a secure service like this, and for good reason! IT’S A SCAM!
Protect yourself be smart and get more information from the seller. In case you are a seller I just wanted to get this out there as well. If you are a person who is the seller, and you have someone call your or inquire about what you are selling and they want to send someone to look at it, or they come to see you and want to write you a check, pull away as soon as possible. ONLY take cash! People have been known to give fake MoneyGrams and Western Union Checks.
Rule of thumb! Be smart guys! Use your head and think with your head!

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Are You Protected?

Is your computer really protected from the bad people out there in the world that want nothing more than to waste your time protecting your computer and your important files. Let’s just get one thing out of the way, just because you pay for something doesn’t mean it is always the best.
One of the first things you are going to need to know if what you really need. I have seen so many companies out there who claim that they are the best, claim that they will give you the most protection, but really you need to really look at what you are really getting, and if you need all that to begin with, believe it or not, too much can cause your computer to run slow and sluggish, and there are so many alerts that you do wonder if you really are protected at all, and that is why over the years I have tested many different products and I always seem to end up going back to the one I have had the most success with, but more of that a little later.
Symantec Norton
Suppose to be the top of all programs out there on the market. Now these guys have really done their job and have done it right, but let us face the hard cold facts! They might have a great program but over the years I have seen more problems come from this than any other program on the market, and that is because it is way too much for a computer to handle on its own, and what I mean is that if you look really close the background processes are huge! Norton slows your computer down and we have called it the resource hog of anti-virus software.
Now this program has its share of issues over the years, but I really would choose this over Norton anytime. Although McAfee is a resource hog, is isn’t over inflated with things you just don’t need. The only thing I have seen is that the cost is way too high for this almost basic software. I have had to remove this software from many clients’ computers because sometimes the program freezes and you will be the last to know about it, which means is that you are not being protected.
AVG Anti-Virus:1280px-AVG_Technologies_logo
Over the years this program has not let me down at all! I have heard people tell me that AVG is a resource hog as well, I tend to not believe that at all. As of matter of fact the features of AVG is what is most important to me, and the Free Version of AVG works almost flawlessly and the most important feature I love is that you can pretty much set it and forget it. They update the software without you really knowing about it, and when the computer is in sleep mode it runs scans. This by far is my most favorite that I have used and it has been the most dependable.
Malwarebytes: mwb
As an added feature and we all know that we can go to websites and not ever click on anything are before we know it we have MALWARE! Nasty little bugs that just seem to give our computers are run for their money. Easy to use and is about the only protection that I have paid for. It does just what it says and has about the best removal tools available. You buy it only once and again auto updates, and it will protect your computer from Malware!

There is another question I want to answer, some people have asked me about Firewalls, and I can pretty much point you in the right direction. If you have internet in your home, and you are using a router or a wireless router that has a built in Firewall, so really there is no reason to purchase a firewall, however just activate your windows firewall are you will be protected.

Be Safe!

Are You Backed Up?

Grand Haven Computer RepairWith today’s information being stored more and more on our computers systems the real question here is, “Are you sure that your system is backed up correctly and in a safe place”? The normal answer to this question is, ” I don’t know” Let us think about that for a second, that means then your computers important information is on your system drive and if your computer should ever fail and you cannot boot up your computer because the Hard Drive on your system failed, this is critical and dangerous when you are in business and that is why new ways of storing your important files are more simple these days and much more affordable.

There are two types of storage that we recommend to our clients and both of them have some pros and cons that can really almost basically the same but in the long run the end result is much more simple, and can save you a lot of time and money. Let’s just face it, we all use our computers more and that means a whole lot more information, so lets think about it and find that simple solution.

1. Network Storage: Great way to store all your company files in a safe location on site (in the office) easy to use and easy to setup however the only draw back to Network Storage is based upon the cost of the storage drives you want to use. Network Storage is a much different storage unit then a USB External Hard Drive, a Network Storage System is designed for storage and designed to not only back up your files but also has a built in back up of your back up which is great! Cost of a system like this depends on the amount of data you want to store. Based on this, cost can range around $600.00 and upwards of $2,500.oo again depending on your amount of system files that need to be stored. These Network Storage Systems can really be great systems, and in the long run can save you so much in time and worry. There are only two real setbacks that you might want to think about, one is that if there is every a fire at your office there is a potential risk of losing your data, the other draw back to the alternative is access of your files from any location other then your office, and sure there is software that will let you connect to your system from home, but that is extra cost.

2. Online Storage: Online storage is fast becoming very popular these days, and some of you might already use some of these systems, and in my opinion it is very important to fully understand how this these systems work. Online Storage or The Cloud, is online storage of files and data that is important. I have found these systems to be great! and more and more of my clients are wanting to know more about it, because they want to secure their data files. There are only two companies at this time that we have tested and that are trusted. Dropbox and Google Drive, Both of these online storage systems are very affordable and are secure, and we were even surprised at how secure they can be, however with any system like this you need to learn how it works, and the do’s and don’t’s of online storage. As I said, the pro of this online storage is that I can access any of my files from any location in the world, and that is what really is a great feature, the other is the fact that they are backed up and secure as long as you don’t make your files public and that is NOT too hard to figure out! A con, depending on the amount of space you need to store your files, can be a little costly but with in reason.

It is much better to be secure and backed up rather then losing everything just because you think it won’t happen to you.

Recommended Network Storage:  NetGear

Recommended Online Storage: Drop Box Google Drive