Cloud Storage It’s Here To Stay

In the business world things are starting to change and when we say change it is how everything is going to the cloud and for most cooperate companies this is new and there isn’t a lot of trust. As a business owner you want your information in your hands and not loaded up on some server somewhere where if something should happen you cannot get access to your important files, truth is you are much more safer having your information someplace else and for very good reasons.


Many business men/woman are now starting to work from home more often than you might think so having access to those files make it easy not only to do just that, but also gives you access to your files anywhere in the world. I am sure you can remember getting someplace long ago and finding out you didn’t have that file you needed, and you were just out of luck, regardless of how you feel today putting your files in the cloud is pretty safe these days and many lawyers are starting to use this method. We have also seen less and less need for in house servers which today is nothing short of a waste of money and time.

Affordable Space

When it comes to space you cannot go wrong with some cloud storage companies, unless you are saving large files like images which can take up large amounts of space, you need to think about what you are really saving, and documents don’t use that much space, so really you can manage thousands of documents without having to use that much space. We looked at a few possible cloud storage companies and you can get a terabyte for around $9.00 a month, and with that much space you can save thousands of documents that can be available all over the world.

Not long ago a client asked us, how secure are these cloud storage companies, and honestly we found that places like Google and Dropbox, have really great built in systems, however there is a little bit of security issue that will need to be address if it comes to the thief of your computer, and that is why we tell our clients to always passcode your computers for security reasons. Personally we still feel that having an open file on our computer that can be accessed without a password can result is data loss, so it is just as important to make sure you train yourself and your employee’s security training.


Cloud storage is here guys and it is not going anywhere. Matter of fact there is going to be a point when you won’t have to worry about updating your operating system because the future is going to control your computer from the cloud. All your programs/Apps will be in the cloud and operate from the cloud, which will not only cut down on the amount of drive space if there is any drives at all. We also predict at some point our phones will break way to even newer technology, in which at some point computers will just become more of a way of life right in the palm of our hands. Yes most of you are not liking this, and for good reason because how private can our computers be at that point and who will have access to those files other then you, the government, local law enforcement, or even your own competition.

We are a long ways from being 100% dependent on Cloud Storage, but it really isn’t that far away.



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