Knowing Your IT Person!

itsupportIn the past year I have seen a lot of things that just seem to really get to me and that is how many companies out there put their trust into IT professionals and although many of these guys are great people and have the best interest of their clients in mind, they still seem to cost their clients more and more as time goes by.

If you are a small company and you are looking for an IT professional there are a few things you must know before shopping around. Most companies tend to think old school and that is not at all a bad thing as of matter of fact in most situations it is better because these guys have been around for a long time and they know their stuff, but at the same time even they tend lack in today’s technology new trends and that means they tend to stay with the services they trust.

Shape Web Designs in the past 4 years has seen a lot of changes in the way we offer IT work to our clients and are trying to keep up with the times, and technology, and when we have a client that calls us up for help our first goal is to provide them with the practical solution and affordable solutions. Did you know that there are some IT professionals that will not even think about your needs, in fact most of them just want you to spend as much money as they can get out of you, and really that is not their fault that is how they are trained. You can still shop around when looking for a good IT person to help you with your office needs, and that is why it is important to find someone that is all about the customer and not the money.

If you are just starting up and want to know what your company needs in the way of computers and setting up your office network, your IT specialist will have many different plans that can help you and keep your company up and running for a long time to come, but be aware that if you feel they are trying to sell you equipment you might not need ask them why there is need, and make them explain it to you, and if you are still unsure, you picked the wrong IT company to help you with your needs. There should never be any questions.

“Do I need a Server”? The answer to that question is very simple, and that really depends on how large your company is and what you would need a server for. In house servers are very costly and I can pretty much tell you that, if your company has less than a few people, chances are you won’t need that server at all, but again there are some IT professionals that will tell you differently. What are in house servers, and do you need them here is a great article to answer that question. Do You Replace Your Server Or Go To The Cloud? The Answer May Surprise You

I have shared my views and thoughts about your IT professional, and please don’t take this wrong there are a lot of good people out there, but you need to really focus on saving money and not getting talked into anything you don’t need. Most if not all IT persons are very knowledgeable, but if you feel you are being taken then most like chances are you are.

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