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Grand Haven Computer Repair - Shape Web DesignsMany people who have computers are home all seem to have their own people that will work on their computers when they need a little TLC, and everyone who has their own Computer Guy that knows everything to keep your computer running healthy and strong. In the real world we are all left with this complete belief that if the computer isn’t doing what I want it to do I have a virus or malware that is affecting the performance of the computer.
I have covered what I thought was the best antivirus programs that I thought worked for me and has worked for my clients. Your computer guy is someone you should trust because he is going to lead you down the right road and take care of your computer like if it was his own and if it was their own you can be sure that he/she isn’t going to have problems so in a way you might want to listen and follow their advice at all times and for the love of God, just because your teenager might know more about computers then you do, don’t trust what they say is safe because 99% of the time they are wrong.
Shape Web Designs we are just not a Web Development company we do a whole lot more than that, we are a full service company that can handle any task, which includes our computer tune up system that is sure to make you smile and save you money every time. Let me explain about how we do this.
The first step is for you to contact us of course and we will setup an appointment with you, and pick a time of day when you can be available. Once we have this time set we will then contact you by phone and have you follow our direction and we will remote connect to your computer, and believe me people this is safe and secure. We use a special program that uses a code to connect to your computer, and once we have connected you can pretty much walk about as your tech will look over your computer and find the issues that need to be fixed. It is like us having you bring in the computer for repairs, but we do it at your home and cost is much lower than a house call.
Here is what we will do:
• Inspect your operating system and see if you are up to date on all your computer updates.
• Inspect your anti-virus software and see if it is up to date and working properly
• Inspect how much ram you have on your system and see if it is enough for what you are doing.
• Inspect your drive space on your hard drive to see of you have enough space.
• We then will inspect your browser settings and look for tool bars that you don’t need and start removing software that is not used or has been installed on your computer by mistake.

Grand Haven Computer Repair - Shape Web DesignsOnce we have ran these checks then we will tell you what we recommend and then ask what direction you want to take. Most of the time our clients will just tell us do what is necessary. We then will make recommendations to how to save your files, such as documents and photos. Most people don’t want to lose their photos and there are secure and affordable ways to back up your priceless photos without having to worry. This also goes with your documents.
The total time to tune up your computer depends of the amount of work that you want us to perform. We do recommend that you follow your advice and let us do what we do best, and it would really benefit you to sit and watch us work and learn how we do what we do so that in the future you can do what we do. Not everyone has time to do this, but that is why we are here for you.
Next time you want to have your computer worked on stay at home let us take control and work out the bugs. This online tune up with save you money and will allow us to give you the best service possible. There is just one more thing I want to add, if we are unable to fix your computer or your computer needs to be picked up or dropped off at a computer repair show we will refund your money back to you. That is why we are so trusted by our clients.


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