Are You Protected?

Is your computer really protected from the bad people out there in the world that want nothing more than to waste your time protecting your computer and your important files. Let’s just get one thing out of the way, just because you pay for something doesn’t mean it is always the best.
One of the first things you are going to need to know if what you really need. I have seen so many companies out there who claim that they are the best, claim that they will give you the most protection, but really you need to really look at what you are really getting, and if you need all that to begin with, believe it or not, too much can cause your computer to run slow and sluggish, and there are so many alerts that you do wonder if you really are protected at all, and that is why over the years I have tested many different products and I always seem to end up going back to the one I have had the most success with, but more of that a little later.
Symantec Norton
Suppose to be the top of all programs out there on the market. Now these guys have really done their job and have done it right, but let us face the hard cold facts! They might have a great program but over the years I have seen more problems come from this than any other program on the market, and that is because it is way too much for a computer to handle on its own, and what I mean is that if you look really close the background processes are huge! Norton slows your computer down and we have called it the resource hog of anti-virus software.
Now this program has its share of issues over the years, but I really would choose this over Norton anytime. Although McAfee is a resource hog, is isn’t over inflated with things you just don’t need. The only thing I have seen is that the cost is way too high for this almost basic software. I have had to remove this software from many clients’ computers because sometimes the program freezes and you will be the last to know about it, which means is that you are not being protected.
AVG Anti-Virus:1280px-AVG_Technologies_logo
Over the years this program has not let me down at all! I have heard people tell me that AVG is a resource hog as well, I tend to not believe that at all. As of matter of fact the features of AVG is what is most important to me, and the Free Version of AVG works almost flawlessly and the most important feature I love is that you can pretty much set it and forget it. They update the software without you really knowing about it, and when the computer is in sleep mode it runs scans. This by far is my most favorite that I have used and it has been the most dependable.
Malwarebytes: mwb
As an added feature and we all know that we can go to websites and not ever click on anything are before we know it we have MALWARE! Nasty little bugs that just seem to give our computers are run for their money. Easy to use and is about the only protection that I have paid for. It does just what it says and has about the best removal tools available. You buy it only once and again auto updates, and it will protect your computer from Malware!

There is another question I want to answer, some people have asked me about Firewalls, and I can pretty much point you in the right direction. If you have internet in your home, and you are using a router or a wireless router that has a built in Firewall, so really there is no reason to purchase a firewall, however just activate your windows firewall are you will be protected.

Be Safe!

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