Before Buying A New Computer!


If are thinking about buying a new computer you might want to think about what operating system you are looking for, and if you are a PC then most computers now come with Windows 8 which we are not a great big fan of at this moment. It is true that Windows 8 does have issues but what I can say is that if you are looking continue to use windows 7 it works much better and is not all about tablets!

The Marketing Guys!

Grand Haven Web DevelopmentMany people have often asked me what does it take to be a good marketing company and I normally tell them, “you knowing your own business is a huge step in the right direction” what gets me these days in the fact that most small business just don’t know what they are getting into when there are just starting out.
Trust me guys there are people out there that will take advantage of that and for me one of the biggest scams out there in my opinion is “You know the book” and I have had my fill with those people and just screwing over everyone and what really sucks is that most of these people wouldn’t know what they are getting is driving traffic to their place of business or to their website, and how would they know, most of these companies that prey on the “Now Knowing” costing business owners thousands of services they might be getting. Take my work for it! Stay away from these people and call someone that knows about this stuff. If you don’t ask them, they sure are not going to bring it up!
There is another note I would like to say before I head out. Everyone sometimes can make mistakes, and in my time in business I have seen many, and some small and some very big. You as a small business owner sometimes might get stepped on by some other larger company because they think they can do that. Stand up to these people, and push back and show them you mean business. They might be big, they might have more money, but they step in the wrong area in your sand box and try to take away something that is yours, push the heck back. In the end people will respect you more and will listen.


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