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Are You Backed Up?

Grand Haven Computer RepairWith today’s information being stored more and more on our computers systems the real question here is, “Are you sure that your system is backed up correctly and in a safe place”? The normal answer to this question is, ” I don’t know” Let us think about that for a second, that means then your computers important information is on your system drive and if your computer should ever fail and you cannot boot up your computer because the Hard Drive on your system failed, this is critical and dangerous when you are in business and that is why new ways of storing your important files are more simple these days and much more affordable.

There are two types of storage that we recommend to our clients and both of them have some pros and cons that can really almost basically the same but in the long run the end result is much more simple, and can save you a lot of time and money. Let’s just face it, we all use our computers more and that means a whole lot more information, so lets think about it and find that simple solution.

1. Network Storage: Great way to store all your company files in a safe location on site (in the office) easy to use and easy to setup however the only draw back to Network Storage is based upon the cost of the storage drives you want to use. Network Storage is a much different storage unit then a USB External Hard Drive, a Network Storage System is designed for storage and designed to not only back up your files but also has a built in back up of your back up which is great! Cost of a system like this depends on the amount of data you want to store. Based on this, cost can range around $600.00 and upwards of $2,500.oo again depending on your amount of system files that need to be stored. These Network Storage Systems can really be great systems, and in the long run can save you so much in time and worry. There are only two real setbacks that you might want to think about, one is that if there is every a fire at your office there is a potential risk of losing your data, the other draw back to the alternative is access of your files from any location other then your office, and sure there is software that will let you connect to your system from home, but that is extra cost.

2. Online Storage: Online storage is fast becoming very popular these days, and some of you might already use some of these systems, and in my opinion it is very important to fully understand how this these systems work. Online Storage or The Cloud, is online storage of files and data that is important. I have found these systems to be great! and more and more of my clients are wanting to know more about it, because they want to secure their data files. There are only two companies at this time that we have tested and that are trusted. Dropbox and Google Drive, Both of these online storage systems are very affordable and are secure, and we were even surprised at how secure they can be, however with any system like this you need to learn how it works, and the do’s and don’t’s of online storage. As I said, the pro of this online storage is that I can access any of my files from any location in the world, and that is what really is a great feature, the other is the fact that they are backed up and secure as long as you don’t make your files public and that is NOT too hard to figure out! A con, depending on the amount of space you need to store your files, can be a little costly but with in reason.

It is much better to be secure and backed up rather then losing everything just because you think it won’t happen to you.

Recommended Network Storage:  NetGear

Recommended Online Storage: Drop Box Google Drive