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Your Mobile APP

A mobile App is one thing which can add leaps and bounds to your profit as anyone who have an iphone or an any Smartphone can reach you through your App. Mobile Apps for your business is beneficial in many ways as it increases the visibility of your business and if that business is food business i.e. a restaurant then you can get a platform to portray your specialties and uniqueness to millions of people. Now let’s see how you can increase your profits through mobile app Development for your restaurant:


Online order through your mobile App: You can keep an option through which people can order menu items online, so just upload your menu of your mouth watering dishes with attractive pics .It saves a customer’s time so, people will love to scroll through different screens of your App.

Referrals through social media: After Iphone app development for your restaurant you can make your business famous as you can put an option of social media referrals by your app users in few simple steps. The mouth of word of a friend always makes a person to visit the place for at least once.

Mobile Reservations: There is always a waiting list in your restaurant! Add a feature of mobile reservation during mobile App development phase, to make your customers more comfortable in reaching your restaurant. Also, it will be easier to keep a record of customers coming in a day.

Newsletter signups and push notifications: these are two very good ways to interact with your customers as through newsletters and push notifications you can notify your customers about upcoming special events and like crazy Fridays, back to work Mondays etc. It helps you increase your sale considerably.

Bring in some rewards: Let’s try and give out some rewards, make them simple but tempting, like Garlic bread free with a large size Pizza or get 5% off on ordering 5 large pizzas. By investing little on rewards time to time you can keep your all tables reserved and busy and that’s how a famous and high earning restaurant looks like.

Listen to Robert Woonacott talk to you about what an mobile app can do for you in your area of business.