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Shape Web Designs Website Development Web Design Grand Haven Unlike many other companies out there on the market we can never claim to be the best at what we do, but we put our customer first at all times which makes our customers very comfortable with all of our services. It might come as some surprise to many new customers, but our main goal is to work one on one and take the time that is needed to produce the finest services possible and we do it all under one roof. Whether you are thinking about building a online store, or you just want to have your very own personal website for family members and friends to view so that you can share your family photos – no job is too big or too small for us, the customer always comes first.Shape Web Designs doesn’t just stop at web development, our services go a lot further than that because we do everything under one roof. It is our goal again to make sure that the customer is happy, and we must provide them with the best possible pricing to stay within their budgets. Our services go deep into the digital world, and by providing photography services along with graphic design we can save the customer a lot of money by not having the work sent out to other companies. Most companies do contract their work out, which can be costly to the customer.
Shape Web Designs Website Development Web Design Grand Haven Shape Web Designs is all about the customer’s needs, and if you have ever hired a web development company to take care of your website you know that not all of them really pay attention to detail, and that is one of the reasons why Grand Haven Web Development (Shape Web designs) makes ever effort to understand what the customer’s needs are.We will sit with the customer, and don’t bring our college degrees, or our portfolio, we bring ourselves and first build on a comfortable relationship, which these days is very important. We get to know the customer, and the most important part is we listen! The customer will tell you what they want if you are willing to listen to them. Once the customer feels that you are there for them and not the money, they feel more comfortable to start to listen to you.Websites are important to most people, mostly businesses because it is a form of advertising, and it really doesn’t have to cost that much, because it all depends on what you want, and how much time is invested into the project. You can be sure though that once we know what direction you are going in we can always be there for you, and make your business come alive through the internet.

Shape Web Designs Website Development Web Design Grand HavenGetting to know your developer is important, and it really doesn’t matter really who you hire to do your website as long as your developer respects your wishes and understands what it takes to make sure that your site does what you intend it to do. Most people or companies who hire large web firms think that just because they might be a million dollar company that their website is going to get the attention it needs, contrary to what they might believe, hiring a local webmaster is maybe your best bet, because they make all websites personal, and it takes on a new look and feel. Trust your company, trust your gut feeling, and hire the right company to care for your site.


Shape Web Designs Website Development Web Design Grand Haven The corporate world is a very busy place and in most cases some of your medium size companies need to hire people who can manage their websites and keep them up to date. Although sometimes this requires having someone on your payroll, and it creates jobs for your company, there are a few things you might want to think about. If you are a website that is in need of daily updates this might be the way you want to that way, but why put someone on the payroll when you can pay a lower rate, to have someone maintain your site, month by month, and all you do is pay a monthly fee, this is where Shape Web Designs & Hosting has been very successful.Our corporate level payment plans insure that you always have someone who is looking out for your company, and will take the time to spend time, with your employees, and get to know your products or services you are selling. Contact us today to discuss which plan is suited for your growing company.

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