Shape Web Designs Website Development Web Design Grand HavenSince 2006 we have been providing affordable and reliable services to our customers ranging from basic website hosting to dedicated servers capable of handling extremely high bandwidths and daily hit counts.
Compared to well known Internet giants, Shape Web Designs Web Development & Hosting is a rather small company, able to provide services on a highly personal level. Your company or personal web site may start from an extremely low priced and powerful server, and then as special requirements arise, parameters can be customized without costly setup fees or in most cases, a need for re-uploading all files.


  • 24 Hour technical support.
  • One assigned account representative.
  • Fast reliable servers.
  • Our Servers are not filled beyond capacity (no rat-packing).
  • Web Site move assistance or service available.


Shape Web Designs Website Development Web Design Grand Haven Web hosting is an online storage service for information, images, video, or any content accessible through the web on Internet servers. Web hosting is necessary to show your web site content to visitors who type in your domain name.
Shape Web Designs Web Development & Hosting meets the needs of users who maintain one or more web sites. All of our hosting packages include generous amounts of disk storage, data transfer, FTP accounts, e-mailboxes, sub-domains and directory pointers. You’ll get secure, reliable web hosting service on our servers with 99.9% uptime, scripting and database functionality. As an added bonus, receive a free domain name* with annual hosting purchase!


Shape Web Designs Website Development Web Design Grand HavenThere are so many different hosting companies out here in the world, and to be honest with you, we cannot match the prices with all of them nor would we even try. Hosting is all about price, and in this day and age you get what you pay for, and most of that is simply, price wars between other hosting companies who can offer down right cheap hosting at a cost we just cannot compete with.

Most of our customers who hire us for their web development sites, will hire us for all their hosting needs mainly because we treat them with the up most respect and never continue to nickel and dime them with every little thing they might want done. Most of your so called professional web developers or so called webmasters will charge you for anything they have to do to your site, and that over time can be costly. (NOT BAD BUSINESS) it is just great customer support that should be included in your yearly package.

One other issue you need to be concerned about. Although there are some really great deals out there, you need to pay close attention to how protected your website it from the world. There are so many different way that your website can be compromised, or hi-jacked that there is little or nothing you can do, and if your hosting company doesn’t have the proper protection, or they are running a sever out of their home, you have every right to be concerned.

Our servers are in top highly protected server stations, where real people monitor them 24/7 and are highly qualified. Your website is protected with us, and unlike some people who have servers in their homes, how can you trust them with your information? It is time to hire a company that understands what the customer needs, and how to protect your site.



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