Who You Going To Trust

I have always been a very practical kind of guy and I can be at times very stubborn when it comes to the very growing technology and with that I always have a very strong opinion. I am like many people, I don’t like change and if there is going to be something that is going to change in our tech world it had better be a good one.

I have many clients, friends, and family members who come to me for a reason many times asking my opinion on different products and what I really think about them, anywhere from phones, tablets, computer systems and of course operating systems. The question is how much do they really depend on me for these answers.

Everyone has their own computer guy someone they trust and won’t trust anyone else so to all the computer guys out there in the world are you really giving solid advice to you people or maybe are you only using your own skill and opinions to guide them and yes this has a meaning tucked in here and I think we all need to learn from this.

I want to talk mainly about computers in this article and focus on what we suggest for our people who come to us looking for advice. I personally have always tried to be soft and don’t get really technical around my clients, they are looking for simple answers to their questions and also don’t understand half the time what we are talking about. I cannot tell you how many times I have sat in the background and have listen to store clerks or the Geeks trying to explain to people about Gigabits and ram, listen most people don’t understand that stuff and really it’s a waste of time explaining it to them because they will forget everything you say as soon as they leave, so really honestly guys stop, give them the information they only need and need to hear, and stop trying to make yourself look like you are the smartest person in the world.

When someone ask us for advice about a system or maybe an anti-virus program I can tell you this is the area that really bothers me the most because everyone of us “computer guys” have our own opinion on everything, and it seems that the older guys they use the old school tactics and the younger guys are all about spending money on the latest and greatest that sometimes has nothing to do with anything, and this is where we all need to come together and “KISS” Keep It Simple Stupid! Really guys how many of you have really ever just gave your clients just what they need instead of what you need. What I mean by this is do you really need to install things on their computer that they will never need, just because you want to show them you are all mighty the tech god. Let’s face it guys we need to stop being this way and give the people what they really need.

In the past 4 weeks I have been testing Windows 10 and I need to say this once again, I am a person that doesn’t like change and I don’t want to waste time on installing an operations system that is going to fail like Windows 8 failed. I knew the second I saw that on a computer in a store that it was going to cause a ton of issues and that is why I never ever upgraded my computer from Windows 7 to 8 it was pointless, so in the past 4 weeks I tested 10 and to me it is like 7 just looks different and things have been moved around and there is a learning curve, and I can tell you right now I don’t care what other “COMPUTER GUYS” are saying, they are giving their clients wrong information, period! I am speaking for myself but I can tell you this, if your computer guy is telling you not to upgrade it is because he/she has not at all even tried it and fully tested it, most of these guys are going by what they are reading and what they are reading is guys complaints to people who haven’t even tried it out. The only reason why these guys are complaining is because like me they don’t like change and they don’t like having to go and find things that they knew right where they were before but now they have been moved and they are so uptight they don’t want to take a few moments to look for it. (Shakes head) Really Guys?

This summer I met this young man who I had really become fond of and it is because he is really great with computers, and one day while we were having a discussion about computers, he had mentioned to me that he has never used anti-virus software on his computer. I was very impressed with his attitude but really was sort of put in my place by this young man who wasn’t even 18 yet. I come from the old school and here I am talking to everyone here and yet I am guilty of the same kind of thing sometimes like we all are. The reason why he doesn’t need it is because he knows what to look for, and you know what so do we, but needless to say most of our clients have no clue what to look for, so that is why they rely on us for information, and the question is what are we really doing to protect our clients and are we educating them correctly.

I have am not perfect nor do I claim to be perfect I do however have strong opinions when it comes to things like this. I know this one guy who I worked with and he was a business owner and was really pretty good with computers, what I saw with this guy was him always trying to make his computer faster and better and would spend countless hours working on it, which meant it he never really used his computer for his work, not saying he never but I am saying he was always working on it trying software to speed up his computer, and one of those programs he called it is system suite and he spent so much money on this program and for what? That program was just one of these computer cleaning programs that really he never really needed if he would have taken the time to learn about how to clean his computer up on his own.

Most clients only need the basics, they don’t need crap on their computers and if you are going to sell a computer to a customer ask them what they are using it for instead of always trying to sell them something they would not need. You can ask simple questions that will tell you what they really need, so if you have a Grandmother that is coming in and all she wants to do with her computer is see her Grandchildren on Facebook the question is does she really need a computer to do this? If it was me I would tell her, well I don’t think you need a computer my opinion is I think you would be more comfortable with a tablet. It doesn’t matter guys, she is still going to need the same properties, Internet and a wireless modem. Why would I tell her that is all she needed, you may ask, it’s because all she wants to do is see her Grandkids period, and it also gives her the ability to share with her friends because she can carry it with her.

Let’s just think about it guys we are out here to help and yes we all need to make a living. What we don’t need to do is make life complicated for our clients. You make it easy for them so they don’t have to worry and if something goes wrong they can contact us. Really that is all we really need is to give them what they need not what we need.






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