Window 10 update or upset

In the past week I have been working with the New Window 10 and at first glance many people that I have talked to still don’t like what they are seeing but again I also have been listening to people talk about how much slow their system seems to be. I first installed 10 and at first it really seemed that everything was very slow starting up or had a few issues with the home screen refreshing over and over again, and what I found out that in the first few days you need to let Windows ten complete installing and that means many updates and fixes that need to be done before you really start to use the system.

There are some features that I do like and some that we can do without and in my own opinion I really wish Microsoft would just have kept to their old ways things were done and set aside this tablet fetish they have suddenly. Tablets are just what they are and nothing more and in my our again and this is my opinion I just feel that we are not ready for all these changes and in the work field people don’t have time to learn new tricks or go searching for where things use to be. For the past 15 years everything is about in the same place and this time MS sets out to change the location and I think that is what is really pissing off many business people, again we don’t have the time to learn new things, but again when will we be ready.

When I first installed 10 I did at first notice some speed issues, but after I started with a few updates and started loading all my programs they all seemed to start a bit faster after a while, I think this mainly has to so with the system adjusting to these programs to make them load faster or better. I don’t really know if 10 has something to do with that but I do know the more I use 10 the faster it becomes, in some cases.

Everyone talked about apps as a problem, well guys apps are apps and I see it that way only. I cannot tell you how much time I have spent reading people’s post and there is one thing for sure you need to get into your heads, Apps are new for window and if you have a windows phone you would understand, that is just like people with Iphone’s and the Mac world, everything works the same so that is why I have been telling people they really need to stop thinking of these apps like they are for your computer, and yes they work on your computer but you don’t need to install a Facebook app is you normally use your dang browser,  so let’s put the app thing to rest for a while and if you are using windows just use it the way you use to use it and stop complaining of changes you don’t know how to use just yet.


I will keep you updated on the progress of this new system and let you know what I find down the road. As for right now everything seems to be running smooth and in 28 days I am either keeping it or going back to 7 when I know I feel safe.



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