Robert Woonacott

A native of Grand Haven, Michigan, Robert Woonacott graduated from Fremont High School in 1984, and returned to Grand Haven to pursue is passion for photography. In just a few short year, he expanded his photographic repertoire breaking into digital graphics, and now Robert has 17 years experience of photography skills and photo editing. Working with numerous freelance photographers and advertising companies worldwide, Robert’s ability to manipulate photos became a recognizable trademark. That trademark launched his career working with web developers to create graphics and photo renderings that captured the attention of companies such as ILM and DreamWorks.In late 2005, not one to rest on his accomplishments, Robert formed Shape Web Designs, publishing the website early in 2007. He now works with some of the top rated web designers in the world, some of which include his most trusted friends. They form the team that is Shape Web Designs Web Development. Robert sees his dream and his vision for Shape Web Designs become reality everyday.

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